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Growing up in conservative West Michigan, I watched lesbian and gay friends and family members struggle to be accepted and be treated equally. There are gains and losses in this fight every day, and it is vital for LGBT individuals and their straight allies to stand up and to pay attention.

08 February 2011

Montana Couples Fighting for Equal Rights

In 2004, Montana voters approved a constitutional amendment that says that marriage is between a man and a woman. However, that's not stopping 6 gay and lesbian couples from fighting for equal rights
Check out this article. 

"Long and the other plaintiffs say they aren't asking for the right to marry, but they want to be able to make decisions about their families' health care, inheritance and burial, and have the ability to file joint tax returns, among other issues."

 The article is a very fascinating read concerning the legal and constitutional issues for a state that has defined marriage in their constitution.

And now for a little equality humor that also has a message:


  1. I love the cartoon! Ha! So true! And the little dog looks like my dog, Buddha.

  2. Jaime--what you are sharing and saying is so important. Keep it up!