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Growing up in conservative West Michigan, I watched lesbian and gay friends and family members struggle to be accepted and be treated equally. There are gains and losses in this fight every day, and it is vital for LGBT individuals and their straight allies to stand up and to pay attention.

08 May 2011

In Honor of Mother's Day

12-year-old wisdom can be greater than that of 49% of the population. This girl speaks emphatically in favor of gay marriage in 2009. She has two mothers.

This girl changed several legislators' minds with her testimony before the Vermont House. She was pivotal in gay marriage passing in Vermont, where the opposition tried to make the debate "all about the kids," and  she then helped this opposition with their "lack of information." She countered this argument by saying that it hurts kids to prevent their parents from getting married. 

Vermont was the first state to pass gay marriage legislatively.

Take some time today, in between your mom's flowers and foot rub, to think about those mothers who can't get married. It's time for equality, people.

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